I’m Josep Jesus Bigorra Algaba

Me in 10 seconds

I am a software engineer specialized in back-end development with Java, Haskell, Go, MySQL, TypeScript, Java, Groovy, Shell scripting and NGINX configurations, as well as FreeBSD enthusiast and aspiring Jails and rc.d professional, and Linux connaisseur.

I like Distributed Tracing and understand observability might be critical for corporations.

Spanish native, grew up in Portugal, I now live in The Netherlands.

More about me

See my LinkedIn and my GitHub.

You might describe me as easy-going, hard-working, serious, committed, stubborn and fair.

After countless hours of dedication I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field, and consider myself a capable, responsible and organized Full Stack Developer. I like functional programming, but also have grown as a professional in the Object Oriented Paradigm, and can see when to use exactly what tool for what job. State can be important for front-end development, but APIs and back-end services should ideally be stateless.

My ideal position is somewhere I can learn something new every day, and where I am allowed the space to grow as a person and as a software engineer.

From custom made websites, RESTful APIs, databases, server side solutions, to mobile apps and desktop software I am ready to take on projects and help clients achieve their goals, considering business needs and best industry practices.

My work hours

I am a morning person, and like to start my day early and also finish early. Ideally I work from 7.30-8 until 16h. Of course being a Software Engineer I find myself spending more hours than I should sometimes.

What’s the best way to communicate with me?

I prefer to be pinged on Slack or emailed for small things, but I find calls and screen sharing simply work better for more complicated matters. Feel free to email me for anything :).

I’d love to help you with

Go, Java, Databases, REST APIs, CI pipelines in Groovy, Linux, FreeBSD.

What makes me grumpy?

Inconsistent APIs and naming, non-normalized databases, colleagues that are not dedicated.

Other things you might want to know:


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Reviews about me

Written by Dan Dobos:

Josep is a one man army. Is the youngest senior developer that I've met who can solve problems you don't even know you have. Always looks at the whole picture and finds the simplest solution for the most complicated task. He has a lot of patience, always the right answers. He is a technical person who would speak for days about technology, so... don't get him started, unless you have something to take notes.

Written by Miroslav Windhouwer:

Josep is a humble yet very skilled developer with great analytical skills and an eye for details, not does he only master his occupation but he is also a great devops engineer. Josep knows his way around the Linux/Unix environment is if he was a Linux Engineer himself. I really enjoyed working with Joseph he is a great team player with lots of patience and communication skills. Josep never stops being a great developer it doesn't matter if its weekend or working hours for him the moment he gets an idea or reads about something he can use he starts mastering it immediately. I strongly recommend Joseph as a colleague/team member 11/10 there are little amount of people who are as hungry for perfection as he is!